Domestic na Kanojo Chapter 272, After the Incident

It’s an understatement to say that things have escalated in the manga series. Rui is pregnant with Natsuo’s baby, and she’s back in Japan to tell her parents that they want to get married. And finally get married, but it looks like the author of this comic doesn’t just want to end this manga with that ending. We know that in the previous chapter, Hina was accidently hit by a car, and the driver was a jounalism that they trouble with. So, what’s gonna happen in Domestic na Kanojo Chapter 272?

Synopsis Domestic Girlfriend

Natsuo Fujii has a love for his teacher, Hina. In an attempt to overcome his feelings about her, Natsuo goes with his classmates to a party where he encounters an eccentric girl named Rui Tachibana. Rui asks Natsuo to sneak out with her in an odd turn of events, and do her a favor. To his shock, Rui’s house is their destination-and her wish is for him to have sex with her. There’s no affection behind the act; she’s just trying to benefit from it. Thinking it could help him to forget Hina, Natsuo hesitantly agrees.

Spoiler Domestic na Kanojo Chapter 272

Hina still comma in Domestic na Kanojo Chapter  272

Hina Survive in Domestic na Kanojo Chapter 272

The good thing is Kei Sasuga didn’t kill Hina in Domestic na Kanojo Manga. I couldn’t image what’s gonna happen if he Hina die in this series.

Kiriya-sensei tells the truth to Natsuo

The Truth about what happened before

Kiriya-sensei tell the truth what happened before to Natsuo. Of course Natsuo shocked he know Hina tried to stop Okunugi make a gossip about him.

Natsuo and his family able to see Hina in Domestic Girlfriend 272

The Surgery was a Success

The Surgery for Hina was a success, and her family is allowed to see. In the last page, we see that Hina still not wake up. Is Hina will wake up in Domestic Girlfriend Chapter 272?

Domestic na Kanojo 272 Release Date

Domestic na Kanojo manga is a weekly manga. It means this manga release one chapter every week. Free Domestic na Kanojo 272 will air on May 4, 2020.

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